"It was a pleasure having Savor perform at our festival. They really brought the house down! I can't wait to have 'em come back next year. In fact, we look forward to working with Savor for a long, long time."

— Pamper Rodriguez
Entertainment Director
City of Indio
International Tamale Festival

Band Members

Guitarist Michael Caroff grew up in San Francisco, attended the music program at UC Santa Barbara, and worked afterwords in several touring bands. He also taught guitar for years. His dedication to the craft is evident in the careful attention to every detail of the music. Michael wrote all the songs on the album, and also sings harmony.

Percussion wizard Mikey Manglicmot plays Congas, Timbales, and other assorted instruments. Mikey's experience as a latin-rock musician is invaluable. His passion -- combined with amazingly skillful stick and hand technique -- provide a major portion of the band's drive and excitement.

Bassist Michael Sunday picked up the instrument late in life, but made up for lost time by, among other things, spending 10 years on the road with ex-Monkee Peter Tork's band "Shoe Suede Blues." Michael is the consummate bassist, and seems to have a feeling for the groove that cannot be taught -- it must come from within.

Vocalist extraordinaire Misk DiMarco attended Boston's Berklee College of Music, and spent years touring the east coast in several R&B and heavy metal bands. Misk also plays guiro, shakers, and other Latin hand percussion instruments.

World-renowned percussionist Jimmy Branly grew up in Cuba, and has become one of the most sought after timbaleros anywhere. He also plays congas and hand percussion.

Drummer Rob Canny lays down the beat with a vengeance. His powerful stickwork forms the basis of the band's rhyhthm — a critical element in any Latin music band.

Keyboardist David Jefferson is an accomplished piano player in R&B and many other musical genres. He deftly covers a wide range of styles, from bluesy organ riffs to wailing synth lines and funky piano comping. David also sings lead harmony.

"Major 'thumbs up' to your lead guitar player! Nice stuff."

— Nikki
Savor Fan

"Hot, movin' Salsa. Sweet!"

— Angelina
Savor Fan